The Great Vegan Cupcake Challenge: Part One

I used to love cupcakes, a long time ago. Remember when they were the absolute ultimate thing? Before those ghastly whoopie pies and my beloved macaroons? I made all sorts. Lemon meringue, Margarita cupcakes with tequila, Cosmopolitan cupcakes that were PINK! Yeah, I loved my boozy cupcakes. Thing is, it’s easy to make it work when you’ve got eggs, flour, butter and sugar. Now I’m not only vegan but wheat and sugar free as well, it’s virtually impossible to make a cupcake.

Or is it?

Well, yes, I think it might well be. I scoured the net for ideas, and found heaps of recipes. If you’ve ever looked for a vegan recipe before, you’ll know there are seemingly infinite variations on what should be a simple recipe in the non-vegan world. Within minutes my head was spinning with ingredient options – cider vinegar to chickpea flour to coconut oil. I’m going to save you some time here and say that my first attempt did NOT work. Too much liquid, and they ended up more like an approximation of Portugese custard tarts than a fluffy little cupcake. So, back to the drawing board, but here’s a photo anyway!

I’m having a baking day today, so I’ll be back later on with two recipes: a Mexican spiced chocolate ice cream, and some date and pecan chocolate bars with ‘frosting’. Can you tell I’m in a chocolate mood?!

Sorry for the lack of recipe, but unless you want weird rubbery cupcakes with gluey coconut icing on top, I’m pretty sure you won’t want it anyway!!


4 responses to “The Great Vegan Cupcake Challenge: Part One

  1. They look pretty at least 🙂 looking forward to seeing the date and pecan chocolate bars! x

    • I’m just finishing writing up the recipe and it’ll go up shortly 🙂 They were WAY more successful than these! x

  2. I have just be contemplating getting Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World: 75 Dairy-free Recipes for CupcakesThat Rule Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Terry Hope Romero
    I have the cookie one & it’s pretty good 🙂

    • That sounds great! See, I can managed the vegan part, but adding in sugar-free as well just seems to make it impossibly difficult. Will look into that book though, it sounds great x

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