Pear Carpaccio

It’s still mega hot in England. It’s not even 11am yet and the heat is crazy. Well, it’s probably not actually THAT bad, but as we were all virtually taking hot water bottles to bed a couple of weeks ago, it feels very strange. I’ve set my desk up facing out into the garden, and I’m excited about throwing the doors open and getting a little sunshine while I work. Seriously, can someone PLEASE invent a sun-resistant laptop screen? Anyway, as it’s so warm, I fancied something really refreshing for breakfast. Last week I had a lot of vegan ‘fry-ups’, which I’ll be posting on at some point, but sometimes I just feel like something light and fresh.

My eyes alighted on some pears in the fruit bowl, and I decided to try making a pear carpaccio. Now, you could easily look at this and say ‘why not just eat the pear as per usual?’ and I’ll reply to you that, on a vegan diet, you get a bit fed up of eating fruit and veg as is. It feels more…well, proper, to prepare something like this, and the combination of olive oil, lemon and pear is absolutely gorgeous. I’m putting this in both the breakfast and dinner categories, because this would make the perfect starter for a dinner party. To bulk it up a little, add some walnuts, because pear and walnut is a fantastic combination. For breakfast time, I served it with a cup of Earl Grey, because the bergamot flavour perfectly complemented the pear. Anyway, enjoy!

Pear Carpaccio

Serves 1

1 pear
1 tsp olive oil
1 squeeze of lemon

1. Wash your pear and use a vegetable peeler to slice extremely thin slices. This should make a pleasing mini pear shape. Arrange on the plate in an artistic way.

2. Squeeze lemon over the pear, varying the amount according to your personal taste.

3. I’ve now invested in an oil spray, so I used a couple of sprays of olive oil. I’d estimate at about 1tsp, but as ever, go on eye, and how much you like.

4. Season with salt and pepper.

You can add walnuts to the top; chill slightly in the fridge before serving to make it even more refreshing; add some rocket to make it more of a salad dish; top with vegan Parmesan

Nutritional info per serving calories: 122/calories from fat: 42/total fat: 4.7g/cholesterol: 0mg/total carbohydrates: 21.9g/dietary fibre: 4.3g/protein: 0.6g/Vitamin C: 14%

Benefits no cholesterol/ high in dietary fibre/high in Vitamin C

But it’s very high in naturally occurring sugar.


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