Banana & Raspberry Ice Cream

I thought I’d kick off with an extremely easy recipe, so I don’t scare anyone off. In England, the sun has been blazing for about a week, and the weather is sweet, yeah. It kind of makes me want to move my dancing feet. Aaanyway, when the sun comes out in England, everyone goes nuts. We take it very seriously because it doesn’t happen all that much: out come the shorts, the bikinis, the aviator sunnies. It’s a beautiful sight to behold.

Anyway, as it’s exceptionally hot and gorgeous, my thoughts naturally turned to ice cream. I never think I’m much of an ice cream eater, but actually, some days it just can’t be beaten. I’m a pretty retro girl, generally going for a mint Feast, but when I do have proper ice cream I like it to be fruity and creamy. Right, I thought. I can do fruity with this vegan diet, but creamy might be a little more difficult.

Enter the humble banana, stage left. My fruit bowl was full of overripe yellow chaps, which is the time I usually start running away screaming. I loooove green bananas! Anywho, a quick Google of ‘vegan ice cream’ threw up the idea of using bananas to create the required creaminess, and I remembered friends telling me about the miraculous taste of frozen bananas before. I also remembered this:

The Bluth Frozen Banana Stand

And if it’s good enough for the Bluth family, it’s good enough for me. Sorry for the long preamble, but this recipe is SO EASY that I needed to do some filling. If you’re freaking out about the lack of cream, don’t! This has the most perfect ice cream texture and tastes so rich and delicious you won’t even notice the lack of a traditional custard base. It’s yummykins.

Banana and Raspberry Ice Cream

Serves 4

2 small, over-ripe bananas (or 1 large banana)
1 cup frozen raspberries

1. Slice up the bananas and separate them out before putting in  a container in the freezer. This breaks them up into manageable chunks which will be easier to blend, instead of breaking your blender on a huge rock hard banana. Wow, that sounded a bit euphemistic. Sorry guys.

2. Freeze the bananas. This all depends on your freezer – mine is like the Arctic, so it only too about 2 hours to freeze almost completely. I’d say give it a few hours, until the banana is solid.

3. Put the bananas in your blender, and add the frozen raspberries. Whisk until completely blended, then scoop out and back into the container. It should be cold enough to eat straight away, but you can put it back in the freezer to keep.


You can: Add a touch of vanilla, substitute different fruit for the raspberries, or try cocoa powder instead of fruit for a chocolate/banana ice.

Nutritional info per serving calories117/ calories from fat: 3/ total fat: 0.3g/cholesterol: 0mg/sodium: 1mg/total carbohydrates: 29.8g/protein: 1.1g/

Benefits: Low in saturated fat, no cholesterol, high in dietary fibre, high in Vitamin B6 and very high in Vitamin C.

But: It’s also very high in sugar.



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